Rater Comments

Overall Performance. The rater comments on the NCO's performance during the rated period.

o an exceptionally talented and gifted NCO who consistently produced superior results

o the definition of a leader; a true force multiplier

o flawless performance by a top 5% NCO who always led from the front in every regard

o his competence as a leader was unsurpassed and his drive to achieve had a tremendous impact on the company's mission success

o extremely organized and forward thinking leader whose proficiency in managing operations and administrative requirements was unparalleled

o his genuine care for Soldiers and strong mentorship skills were unmatched

o an exceptional NCO who lived the Army Values and served as the foundation of company operations

o took complete ownership of his roles as an expert, as a primary trainer and as a source of mentorship

o fostered the trust of his superiors and subordinates alike through his determination to better those around him

o a diligent NCO whose courage and resolve embody the spirit of the profession of arms

o multi-tasked numerous operations, ranging from LOGPAX to refueling operations for a CAV squadron of 250 Soldiers, while maintaining his section's technical and tactical proficiency

o expert knowledge in the art and science of recruiting made him one of the best station commanders in the company and in the top 10% of NCOs I have worked with in my career

o exceptional performance during the rating period; ranks number 1 of 11 Sergeants First Class in the company

o mature and confident Soldier with extraordinary knowledge and initiative

o his proficiency in managing recruiting activities and administrative requirements are unparalleled

o highly determined professional with a resolute dedication for mission accomplishment and the welfare of her soldiers

o intolerant of mediocrity; critical and independent thinker who has demonstrated the confidence and mental toughness to achieve results

o exceptional enthusiasm demonstrated daily

o exceptionally talented NCO who leads by example and serves with extreme pride

o possesses great amount of integrity, sound judgment, and professionalism

o extremely conscientious and highly motivated to succeed

o stands for what is right

o a positive, can-do attitude; an example to his peers and subordinates

o puts the Army, mission, and soldiers before her own personal needs

o exceptional devotion to Army ethics and personal values

o competent, confident, caring leader of the highest caliber

o demonstrated potential for continued excellent performance at a higher rank

o displayed strengths of an exceptional quality leader

o daily performance routinely exceeds the highest professional standards

o continue to place in tough, demanding leadership jobs

o select for advanced NCO schooling and assign to challenging duty positions

o demonstrated the ability to perform at the next higher grade

o aggressive competitor; takes great pride in exceeding accomplishments of other

o professional and competent leader

o superior leader and professional; sets a high standard for his peers & all to emulate. ready for promotion

o flawless and consistent performance

o leads from the front; outstanding NCO role model

o totally dedicated to excellence

o highly skilled member and motivated NCO; valuable asset to the unit and vital to Army mission--promote!

o promotes harmony and teamwork

o a first-rate non-commissioned officer who is willing to face up to any task and tackle the issues head on

o his potential is unlimited

o performance as Acting Battalion CSM was excellent

o unlimited potential; assign to challenging positions when available

o exudes self-confidence in all aspects of his work

o dependable, motivated, and trustworthy; a Senior NCO with the courage to manage without visible support

o is relied upon to give well conceived, mature opinions and judgments

o assumes any additional workloads regardless of size or complexity

o outstanding role model; sets the NCO standard

o a true professional who's always in the middle of our most critical processes. promote immediately!

o assign to challenging leadership positions

o select for CSM now

o her merits deserve selection for career-development training ahead of peers

o discharged responsibilities with complete professionalism

o adjusts quickly to unknown situations and accepts responsibility for her actions

o assign this Sergeant to teach future leaders: West Point, ROTC, any NCO academy

o his knowledge base is superior; potential is unlimited

o an exceptional NCO and capable leader; performed duties as vehicle mechanic in an outstanding manner

o a complete leader; one of a kind at taking care of soldiers

o displayed constant loyalty to superiors and allegiance to mission

o promote now and select for ANCOC

o outstanding NCO. Crisp military bearing and appearance. Exceeds standards in military courtesies, fitness, and job performance

o assign as platoon sergeant

o groom this Sergeant for Command Sergeant Major

o promote ahead of peers; a total Army asset

o high level of motivation; instills esprit de corps in superiors and subordinates alike

o consistently makes independent decisions that have merit and logic

o challenge with positions of greater responsibility

o loyal, tactful, and honest leader

o top-notch technical abilities key for mission support, ready for increased supervisory responsibility; promote!

o self starter; limitless drive and initiative

o excelled in every assignment and tasking

o maintains the highest personal and professional standards

o outstanding leader and top performer--delivered stellar results during Global War on Terrorism

o dedicated and enthusiastic NCO with unquestionable integrity

o has the potential to perform duties as platoon sergeant

o possesses a strong and positive drive toward professional development of platoon

o demonstrates qualities of senior NCOs

o his tactical proficiency makes him extremely reliable in all situations

o exhibits the traits to be an effective Division Corps CSM

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