Rater Comments

Overall Performance. The rater comments on the NCO's performance during the rated period.

o he is an outstanding role model, the epitome of an NCO, highly motivated, committed and exudes professionalism

o Soldier is extremely versatile, responds positively to changes, consistently dependable and excels in any environment

o unlimited potential; continue to assign in positions of increased responsibility

o this Soldier will make an outstanding member of the Warrant Officer Corps

o a top notch NCO who expects and enjoys a challenge while instilling confidence in subordinates; sets an example for all to emulate

o clearly capable of serving with distinction in the most demanding and critical assignments

o thrived in the demanding OPTEMPO of the JTF CAPMED region; ready for next level of responsibility

o select for Master Sergeant now and appoint as First Sergeant; a top 5% NCO

o outstanding role model; epitome of the Senior NCO needed to forge AMEDD's next generation of medics

o maintained accountability of his STT, AN/TTC 64(V)2 Switch Set Communication and two HMMWVS valued at over \$850,000

o completed the Grafenwhor Training area Range Safety Officer(RSO) course, which qualified him as a RSO; a position primarily designated to SSG and above

o genuinely cares for the welfare and safety of Soldiers under his charge; sacrificed his personal time to his soldiers professionally and personally

o requested OMS facility use that resulted in MOS-specific training opportunities to ensure that section Soldiers remained tactically and technically proficient

o helped Soldiers to understand their responsibilities, identified problem areas, and outlined corrective actions to minimize recurrences of the same deficiencies

o planned and supervised preventive and corrective maintenance for 42 vehicles and 134 separate types of equipment at a 98% readiness rate

o selected to be the platoon sergeant for a total of 4 weeks during the rated period; superbly handled the additional responsibilities

o a dynamic Noncommissioned Officer committed to mission accomplishment and the welfare of Soldiers

o motivated NCO whose organizational skills were critical to the successful deployments of two SF Companies and the Battalion Staff to multiple theaters

o selected above his peers to train Officers and Fire Support Specialists during Battalion ASPT and GST train ups; his professional style of teaching instills confidence in leadership to consistently select him to improve our readiness

o has no rival among his peers

o is technically proficient; displays complete confidence in her ability to troubleshoot and correct equipment deficiencies

o was a top flight report writer and an expert wordsmith

o SPC Weaver's abilities are unparalleled

o his ability to elevate the performance of the Soldiers in the section is unmatched

o intensely dedicated to the mission and the well being of his section, he demands nothing less than the standard and embodies it in himself

o SSG Brannan demonstrates the aptitude and the overall leadership skills necessary to lead a platoon

o steps up and completes all missions and assignments due to the lack of performance of a higher ranking NCO.

o improved immensely the NCOER tracker for daily reporting and Command and Staff

o promote now and select for ANCOC

o a rare mix of intelligence and initiative; a technically gifted NCO who shows a genuine concern for mission accomplishment

o a true professional; his dedication to mission excellence will be an asset to any unit

o stands above contemporaries in personal commitment to professionalism and excellence

o clearly capable of serving with distinction in the most demanding and critical assignments requiring a Senior Noncommissioned Officer

o promote to Sergeant First Class immediately; his leadership is needed by Soldiers

o challenge this NCO with positions of greater responsibilities

o promote immediately and assign as a Special Forces company sergeant major.

o send to ANCOC immediately; promote ahead of peers.

o promote now; will be an excellent combat engineer unit first sergeant.

o promote now; send to USASMA First Sergeant's Course immediately and assign as a First Sergeant

o promote to Master Sergeant first time eligible in the secondary zone

o outstanding Soldier with can-do attitude, always willing to do more challenging tasks with greater responsibility

o promote to Master Sergeant now; assign as a First Sergeant now

o continue to send to career enhancing courses

o the total NCO; performed Platoon Sergeant and First Sergeant duties simultaneously with superior results

o a strong leader who successfully demands and receives the highest standards of excellence from NCOs and Soldiers; unequivocally devoted to Soldier development

o clearly capable of serving with distinction in the most demanding and critical assignments requiring a Senior Noncommissioned Officer

o unlimited potential; challenge this consummate NCO with all future assignments and missions

o has a Senior Leaders Course date; continue to groom for Senior Leadership positions

o effective, energetic and optimistic; a strong NCO with unlimited potential

o promote immediately to MSG and capitalize on this NCO's dedication to leading and mentoring Soldiers

o possesses the knowledge and dedication to perform in the most demanding positions; will excel where others only succeed

o leadership abilities are advanced far beyond current pay grade/rank

o few soldiers are as respected by their superiors, peers and subordinates

o has the ability to make his soldiers want to learn and excel in all areas

o must promote to Master Sergeant now and send to the First Sergeant's course immediately

o a superb NCO with unlimited potential; place in positions of greater responsibility

o an excellent performance by a superior NCO, leader and mentor; a selfless team player

o unequaled talent, competence, efficiency and multi-tasking ability; an irreplaceable asset for any team

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