Leads NCOER Bullets

Leads others, Builds trust, Extends influence, Leads by example, Communication

o superior mind/attitude in team building enhanced the platoon's 26 Soldiers warrior ethos and Army motto

o provides outstanding leadership and guidance as Detachment Readiness NCO

o understood the socio-economic environment; convened a special council consisting of key junior NCOs to address and provide solutions affecting Soldiers' Families

o inculcates all Army team members with the Warrior Spirit; Soldiers, civilians, families and Army supervised contractors

o committed to seeing his section succeed in all missions by providing purpose, direction, and motivation to Soldiers, while completing 100% of all tasks

o experienced NCO whose technical and tactical knowledge proved invaluable on command maintenance for mission readiness

o sought perfection; constantly accomplished all duties with great accuracy and timeliness

o trusted by Soldiers and leaders for her integrity and commitment to excellence

o supervised and rehabilitated subordinate Soldier who was on the ABCP; resulted in the Soldier losing more than 5% body fat, and created lasting, life enhancing results

o supported the SHARP program by participating in a half marathon during SHARP awareness month; finished in the top 20%

o managed three Soldiers to complete mission requirements and taskings; which provided the utmost support to his chain of command

o consistently maintained communication with his team between Battle Assembly ensuring information was disseminated and that their well being was in good standing

o managed platoon C.R.E.W. systems; prior to each mission during Iraq draw down

o volunteered to evaluate 319th ESB's cable section at Fort Bliss in preparation for their deployment to Afghanistan

o always strives to gain knowledge as a leader to become more proficient at being an NCO

o constantly took advantage of all available time to mentor his subordinates on mission essential tasks to develop younger, inexperienced Soldiers

o continually putting together events for his platoon; boosting morale and building cohesion within the platoon and their families thru dinners and other activities

o coached 3 Soldiers in small arms marksmanship after Soldiers failed to qualify; resulted in first time goes on the very next small arms range

o selected as the NCOIC of a 15 member pit crew lane, which inspected over 120 vehicles to 10-20 standard and made ready for ship

o displays a genuine concern for all soldiers, by staying late after drill to help two Soldiers fix maintenance issues on their POV, saving them time and money

o selected as squad leader, a position two ranks above his own and ahead of peers, without any short comings

o ensured that eligible Soldiers received adequate training in submitting local travel vouchers for IDT travel reimbursement

o passed on experience during tank services to new Soldiers; met strict tank upgrade induction requirements on stringent timeline

o selected over 4 other SFC to serve as Rear Detachment SGM for holiday block leave, accomplished several critical taskings

o demonstrated a consistently calm and patient demeanor; an effective communicator, mentor and teacher

o willingly took on team automation and marketing duties knowing he would be sacrificing his own personal time

o empowered three subordinate Soldiers to take on greater roles within the section, increasing task understanding and proficiency throughout the section

o led flight operations planning and equipment preparation for battalion FTX

o led flight operations section through the 2018 ARMS in the absence of the section leader, scoring an overall 83%, improving from previous ARMS score

o developed and implemented a graduation ceremony resulting in battalion SOP emulated by 5 other phase II programs

o improved Medical Readiness for 58 trainees from 48% to 96%; highest obtainable compliance rate

o achieved 296 APFT score and maintained the Army Physical Fitness Badge of Excellence exemplifying total physical fitness

o led three sessions of Platoon level Combatives training; ensured all safety procedures were followed resulting in zero injuries

o created an environment that supports excellence; resulted in one Soldier recognized by the Battalion CSM for exemplary performance

o served above his pay grade as a Squad Leader in Bravo Section for a two month period with zero issues

o acted as the section SGT, a position normally filled by an E6, for over four months

o utilized natural leadership and communication abilities at every opportunity to foster growth in the Officers, NCOs, and Soldiers

o effectively built relationships and communicated training and events which increased participation more than 60%

o developed the company competition lanes model; improved esprit de corps and warrior tasks and battle drill proficiency

o led twelve Soldiers in artillery missions for two high visibility ceremonies for a one star general

o selected as the 1SFG LNO during Key Resolve exercise with the 19th ESC providing logistical sustainment analysis of the battlefield for SOF elements resupply routes

o researched, developed and implemented MOS-specific training exercises for his platoon; Soldier and NCOs improved the employment of all assigned equipment

o a mission focused NCO who influenced and motivated others to have the same intensity and motivation to accomplish CONUS and OCONUS SOF mission support

o aggressively promoted a mentorship program for the enlisted in his section

o assumed position as NCOIC; identified offensive behavior and guided members to understand its significance

o raised an inherited unsatisfactory supply section to a commendable rating within a month for the BN CIP

o delegated effectively and empowered subordinates; produced most effective and mature technicians in the bn

o took command of a failing station and led it from 50% accomplishment rate to over 100%

o inspired soldiers to perform beyond their expectations

o always showed a strong concern for soldiers and kept sergeants up to date and officers informed

o focused section training on retaining logistical lessons learned from deployment; expanded readiness

o encouraged numerous soldiers to complete their required NCOES courses

o made sound decisions and possessed the courage to take responsibility for his actions

o an excellent manager of personnel and resources

o took over detachment and immediately identified and corrected discipline problems; discharged one Soldier, restored morale

o boosted morale and shop effectiveness by maintaining a positive attitude and providing daily encouragement to NCOs

o effectively led and inspired sub-standard soldiers to willingly perform to Army standards

o natural leader; brought a group of individuals together and molded them into a cohesive and motivated team

o personally mentored eight NCO's to volunteer and submit recruiting packets, truly placing the mission first by supporting the Army's need to fill its ranks

o ensured 100% Soldiers in his platoon were enrolled and 91% completed their SSD 1 course to enhance Personal and Professional growth

o ensured individual deployment readiness by tracking training, administrative and medical requirements; deployed one NCO in support of Operation Atlantic Sentry

o consistently ensured platoon weapons, equipment, and vehicles were serviceable and mission ready, resulting in a 96% mission readiness during OEF XII-XIII

o led squad during route clearance in support of brigade retrograde; resulted in no IED-related casualties to supported unit and mission success

o tracked and supervised the administrative actions for 60 Soldiers, resolving all personnel issues and directly impacting the overall morale of the company

o committed to eliminating sexual harassment and assault; established a workplace that fosters dignity and respect for all members of the organization

o demonstrated exceptional leadership prowess; 5th SFG(a) Supply Support Activity finished runner-up for the USASOC Supply Excellence Award

o motivated his peers and subordinates to keep pushing during difficult movements over mountainous Afghanistan terrain ultimately leading to mission success

o performed exceptionally well under the pressures of combat and without supervision; guaranteed to accomplish any mission to a high standard

o focused leader; conducted pre and post mission debriefs for over 40 operations executed in Regional Command East and Regional Command North

o led all Soldiers within the Platoon to pass the Army Physical Fitness Test; only Platoon in the Battalion to complete the required task stated in AR 350-1

o volunteered to perform duties as the BDE BOSS representative; actively informing units and single Soldiers on upcoming events and programs

o encouraged his subordinates to reach their educational goals; resulted in one Soldier enrolled in college classes at Jefferson Community College

o provided the necessary leadership during daily operations of the S1 section, in the absence of the NCOIC, with no loss of office efficiency or customer service support

o extremely motivated NCO who genuinely cares for the health and welfare of his Soldiers; resulted in the successful retention of two solid Soldiers

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