Achieves NCOER Bullets

Gets Results, Accomplishments

o NCOIC of the FARP maintenance section during the July gunnery; incident free fuel delivery enabled the Battalion to qualify multiple aircrews

o developed SOP for training room; improved systems and efficiency for data entry into DTMS by 30%

o fostered technical and tactical expertise; produced an overall rating of 84% during the ARMS inspection, best score in 7 years

o assisted in the mission planning and execution for a company level FTX; accomplished all annual AWT requirements

o managed manning levels and iteratively reallocated personnel; met anticipated operational and personnel needs

o completed ACFT level-one Grader Course; poised for advancement and new challenges

o managed the platoon in the absence of the Platoon Sergeant; sustained mission and completed all tasks without supervision

o coordinated a bilateral and multi-domain operational design to synchronize Japanese and US Army common operational picture

o managed 60 Soldiers called to active duty for 50 days ISO ARNG response to COVID-19; multiplied medical response

o completed 31 schools requests, 280 pay transactions, 100 DTS vouchers, resulting in 90% Unit Readiness ISO MOB

o augmented the Commander's personal security detail; increased security for senior leaders operating in forward areas during NTC force on force battle periods

o earned a reputation for reliability and competence; built a level of trust among Soldiers of each unit that fell under 25TH CAB for repairs and services

o assisted leadership with inspection of all unit sensitive items resulting in 100% accountability

o employed one vehicle, two Air Defense workstations and section equipment valued in excess of \$120,000; maintained section readiness at 90%

o enforced safety during all ranges, training events and vehicle operations; resulted in zero injuries

o selected to be RSO for M249 night fire range; conducted PMI and achieved 90% of Soldiers qualifying on their assigned weapon

o maintained accountability of three HMMWVs with associated BII, weapons, and equipment valued in excess of \$1,000,000

o synchronized PBUSE/ARIMS supply management files for over 185 LIN valued over \$65M

o made sound and timely decisions in the absence of orders and took responsibility for herself and her Soldier

o achieved mission success with little or no guidance; consistently performed at high level

o demonstrated rare technical and tactical knowledge; selected for promotion

o earned a Commendable rating for TRANSEC key control during Battalion Command Inspection Program

o accomplished all tasks assigned with total accuracy

o completed 9 semester hours of college towards a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice

o certified over 125 equipment items, key to laboratory's 3 day backlog, lowest backlog in 6 years

o achieved commendable rating as unit security manager on Battalion Command Inspection Program

o awarded AAM by DC for outstanding administration of unit's NCO-ER program

o achieved Senior Instructor level at the USAOC&S ahead of peers

o achieved superior results when challenged with major responsibilities and limited resources

o advanced through duty positions as Survey Team Chief, Reconnaissance NCO, and ultimately Operations NCO during his assignment with the 3rd CST

o orchestrated an efficient maintenance plan which recovered 15 UH60A aircraft upon redeployment from OEF and OIF

o reduced Qualified Not Enlisted rate from 10 percent to all time low of 2.8 percent

o revised the company Field Sanitation Program and SOP, raised the inspected area from black to green

o performed extensive cost benefit-analysis for four training events; support gained approval from the Protocol Office

o achieved 100% of assigned recruiting mission during FY 18 in only 9 months; currently holds a 136% mission rating

o increased accessions by 200% at Tuscaloosa County HS and turned it into the highest producing high school in the team area

o empowered subordinate NCOs to complete tasks; achieved success with limited resources, on time and with accuracy

o planned and supported transportation operations within the NCR; readily supported over 30,000 customers over a variety of circumstances

o orchestrated the preparation and movement of over \$10,000,000 in equipment to a forward deployed location; key to mission sustainment

o shared his extensive gunnery knowledge and skill with his crew; crew achieved a qualification rating in their first HMMWV gunnery

o used all available resources to accomplish all missions assigned; a no-nonsense NCO who produced concrete results

o achieved 100% of his assigned recruiting mission during FY19; currently at 100% mission for FY20

o proved himself a true professional by implementing a new standard of practice (SOP) for the servicing and maintaining of the squadron's weapon systems

o exemplified the team first mentality, going above and beyond to coach, mentor and work with team members on his own time to increase knowledge and share best practices in all areas of maintenance

o led platoon during a key point in the defense phase of BDE EXEVAL; single handedly destroyed four vehicle crews and six enemy dismounts

o operated as sole support by fire for two entire objectives during Bronco Strike 2019; led Company Team to accomplish mission

o instrumental in revising the battle rhythm throughout the battalion; resulting in improved performance across all measured areas

o trained Soldiers on all mandatory training while simultaneously allowing max participation in unit morale functions

o managed the regiment's TMDE program flawlessly; maintained an availability rate of 99.5% and a delinquency rate of 0%

o won the NCO of the Month and NCO of the Quarter board

o utilized innovative strategies to communicate and coordinate mandatory trainings with his Soldiers virtually

o helped plan and execute the fielding of small arms and equipment worth in excess of \$13 million with no losses

o planned and executed 12 successful BDE level NEFs totaling in excess of \$500 million in new equipment

o created State level orders, in the absence of the State NET/NEF OIC; maintained the continuity of NET/NEF events

o served as a Vehicle Crew Evaluator for the Squadron; assisted 20 crews, provided positive and constructive criticism, improved their proficiency

o served as the senior Scout during the live-fire exercise at NTC; ensured safety was used at all times for all six crews

o completed more than 10 construction projects utilizing 350 man hours with no injuries or loss of time

o trained 10 new Soldiers on horizontal construction equipment; successfully developed 10 new Soldiers

o processed and facilitated all military and professional training for over 300 Soldiers; exceeded training requirements

o sustained the Battalion Rear Detachment flight operations with only two Soldiers; ensured B Co's aviators remained current

o stood above his peers in his ability and aptitude; constantly sought and accomplished additional tasks

o worked diligently as an AGTS IO and facilitated over 150 hours for 5 tank crews; achieved all live fire gunnery prerequisites

o planned and executed the first ever 596th Signal Company Basic Combat Water Survival Training; trained 53 Soldiers on drown proofing techniques; enhanced confidence and readiness

o resourceful; salvaged parts for two mission critical STTs, resulting in 100% equipment validation and mission success during CSTX 86-19-03

o obtained certification as a tactical commander of 11 military vehicles; improved unit mobility and ensured additional manning resources were available

o enforced the battalion safety program during ranges, motor pool operations, and training events; ensured zero injuries

o maintained 100% accountability of 36 M-16A2s and 13,500 rounds of ammo used during annual M-16 qualification

o used all available time to train his section; increased task coverage by 40%

o maintained full accountability of team/squad equipment; efforts facilitated smooth change of command

o coordinated, planned, and executed 4 ceremonies for a one star general; one on a three weeks notice

o took lead in the reopening of live fire ranges; with a projection of saving DoD over an estimated \$500,000 per fiscal year

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